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Go for goodness

Gerber's going green. And to help introduce their new natural line of products to the world, we created a content as fresh as their produce. Focusing on bold macros that mirror adorable close ups, we used some movie magic to show just how natural these products really are. We kept the tone cheeky but celebratory. Finally, here is baby food fit for kale blazers.


For social, we focused on gorgeous produce, paired with just enough babies to keep the cute-factor going. We took bananas and shot them like an iPhone; premium lighting, subtle spins. Steve jobs, eat your heart out.


But why should the Naturals line get to have all the fun? We took our macro treatment and applied it to Gerber's most popular snacks. Both the product and our baby's cherubic faces got their closeup moment, romancing the lighting and movement beyond how baby food is normally shot. We were able to convince our client to branch out into a "Gerber Dad" voiceover and gave the whole thing our signature cheeky spin. 

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